One of the so called Keyhole satellites. Measures 18 pixels by 28 pixels or 7m wide 11m high in this image. Launched on 20/12/96 this satellite is a highly elliptical orbit measuring 280x1010km at 98 inclination. Norad 24680. This image was taken at about 60 altitude which was near closest approach.


USA 129 Flare 07 August 2005

This flare occured around 21:11:42GMT during an 87 degree pass. Due to the eccentric orbit the satellite was further away at 87 (about 466km) than it was at 60 altitude in the July 2005 pass. The satellite was bright throughout the pass and produced a great flare as shown in the images of before, during and after

You can see a movie of the flare in this file


You will need the DivX codec




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